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There is growing interest in East Japan Railway Co. ltd,one of the six companies,created out of the privatized nationa__l__ railway system. In an industry lacking exciting growth1,its plan to use real-estate assets in and around train stations__2__is drawing interest.

In a plan called“Station Renaissance”that it__3__in November,JR East said that it would__4__using its commercial spaces for shops and restaurants,extending them to__5__more suitable for the information age. It wants train stations as pick-up__6__for such goods as books,flowers and groceries__7__over the Internet. In a country where city__8__depend heavily on trains__9__commuting,about 16 million people a day go to its train stations anyway,the company __10__. So,picking up commodities at train stations__11__consumers extra travel and missed home deliveries. JR East already has been using its station__12__stores for this purpose,but it plans to create__13__spaces for the delivery of Internet goods.

The company also plans to introduce __14__cards—known in Japan as IC cards because they use integrated circuit for__15__information__16__ train tickets and commuter passes__17__the magnetic ones used today,integrating them a/an __18__pass. This will save the company money,because__19__for IC cards are much less expensive than magnetic systems. Increased use of IC cards should also__20__the space needed for ticket vending.

十博体育官方入口1.[A] perspectives [B] outlooks [C] prospects [D] spectacles

十博体育官方入口2.[A] creatively [B] originally [C] authentically [D] initially

3.[A] displayed [B] demonstrated [C] embarked [D] unveiled

4.[A] go beyond [B] set out [C] come around [D] spread over

5.[A] applications [B] enterprises [C] functions [D]performances

十博体育官方入口6.[A] districts [B] vicinities [C] resorts [D] locations

7.[A] acquired [B] purchased [C] presided [D] attained

8.[A] lodgers [B] tenants [C] dwellers [D] boarders

9.[A] for [B] in [C] of [D] as

10.[A] figures [B] exhibits [C] convinces [D] speculates

11.[A] deprives [B] retrieves [C] spares [D] exempts

12.[A] conjunction [B] convenience [C] department [D] ornament

13.[A] delegated [B] designated [C] devoted [D] dedicated

14.[A] clever [B] smart [C] ingenious [D] intelligent

十博体育官方入口15.[A] checking [B] gathering [C] holding [D] accommodating

16.[A] as [B] for [C] with [D] of

17.[A] but for [B] as well as [C] instead of [D] more than

十博体育官方入口18.[A] unique [B] single [C] unitary [D] only

19.[A] devices [B] instruments [C] readers [D] examiners

20.[A] reduce [B] narrow [C] dwarf [D] shrink

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